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Genre: Historical Fiction 

 During a hectic couple of weeks in February 1944, the girls of the Air Transport Auxiliary Mystery Club must face devastating personal loss amongst their number. A member of an illegal faction blackmails Betty, whilst a mystery at Mary's ancestral home threatens to cause more trouble than anyone thought possible. In the midst of what should be the happiest of times, the portents seem to be catching up and little is what it seems to be. Can the girls find the strength to battle forces both internal and external, yet still maintain their dignity and friendship?

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 Jane slumped back into her seat, tore the headset off, and threw it onto the desk   next to the radio she’d been about to attack. “I suppose you’re right. It only makes  sense if she can’t receive what we’re sending. If I didn’t know her voice so well, I’d think someone was playing a trick on me.”

“Plus,” Betty added, “it’s on our frequency.”

Jane nodded in agreement. “Still, remind me to tear her off a stripe when she gets back…calling Hamble. This is Aston.” She ended with a nervous chuckle.

Betty joined in, eventually saying, “Still, you’ll have to give her points for originality, if nothing else.”

“I’ll give her something, all right,” Jane replied. “I’ll give her…”

“Mayday! Mayday! This is First Officer Aston. Am under attack by two Me109s!”

Jane and Betty stared at each other with open mouths, as the shocking statement blared out of the radio’s tiny speaker in Thelma’s unmistakable voice. When she’d simply been trying to get through earlier it had been in her normal, albeit frustrated, tone. Now unmistakable panic coursed through it.

The radio came to life again, only the first thing they heard this time was the chilling staccato chatter of gunfire! “I repeat, this is First Officer Aston of the ATA! I’m under attack. Rudder control is gone! My port engine’s on fire! Am going down, roughly northeast of Oxford…”

White as a ghost, Jane automatically made a grab for the microphone, “Thelma! This is Jane Howell. Do you receive? Over.”

After a few seconds, a voice came out of the speaker, barely audible, yet clearly that of their desperate friend, “Jane? Is that…”

And then, deathly silence…

My Thoughts

I received an advance review copy for free and am leaving this review voluntarily. Thank you M W Arnold and Goddess Fish Promotions. I'm excited to be a part of this tour. Now onto my review!

In the Mood takes place in February 1944, the girls of the Air Transport Mystery Club face the devastating loss of one of their own in a tragic crash. While another is being blackmailed and the third’s honeymoon plans are threatened by a puzzling mystery. As they share each other’s ups and downs, the friends find the ability to carry on their vital work and dangerous wartime investigations. These courageous women battle multiple fronts while maintaining their dignity and friendship.

While this is my first book by this author, it will not be my last! This book is excellent. I love books filled with strong women and this book did not disappoint. The cast of characters are well written and realistic. I found myself wanting to befriend these women. The women are diverse, complex, while bringing their individual hardships and strengths to their friendship. I was intrigued by them given the era in which the book takes place and the role women played at the time. I wanted to know more about them and their backstories. My favorite part is the author’s incredible ability to interlace mystery on top of their friendship. I highly recommend this book! 

Overall Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

About the Author:

M W Arnold lives near Northampton, UK and is known to his family and friends as, Mick. He was in the Royal Air Force for 16 years, visiting many different countries and very much enjoying himself. If he ever meets the Queen, he will have to thank her. He began writing as these characters needed their own voices. For a few years now, he's been a member of the Romantic Novelists Association, a wonderful group of writers who've welcomed this bloke into their fold with open arms.

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