BOOK REVIEW - The Holding, The Healing, and the Companion Journal by Linda Faye Schmidt


The Holding & The Healing Companion Journal 

Lynda Faye Schmidt

220 pages

OC Publishing

October 23, 2022 - AVAILABLE TODAY!! 

The Holding & The Healing Companion Journal integrates the influences of others with the author's own unique twists. Divided into four sections, the first two sections explore messages and inquiry derived from her novels, The Holding and The Healing. Section three is about uncovering your authentic self, and the final section is about living your authentic life by applying what you've learned. It is the author's hope that writing in this joumal ignites your curiosity, gives you a stronger sense of self, and provides you with more tools to live your life with even greater courage than you ever have before.

The Holding & The Healing Companion Journal contains probing questions for self-examination that cover a variety of challenging life experiences. Content on issues such as trauma, sexual abuse, eating disorders and depression, among others, could be triggering for some people. The guidance in this book is by no means meant as a substituted for professional services or therapies. The author recognizes that the content is derived from her personal experiences, beliefs, and values, and may not be in alignment with everyone. The intent of the exercises is to provide tools for each individual to live their lives with curiosity and courage, with their own well-being to be the central objective.

Book Links for all 3 books:

The Healing

The Healing is the story of Cate Henderson who, after twenty-six years in an abusive relationship, sets out on a quest to find healing. Based on true events, the novel follows Cate to Vancouver Island, where solitude in nature and writing in her journal provide the foundation for her self-recovery.

After Cate unearths her authentic self, a chance meeting leads to her soul mate, Ethan. An earthquake in Nepal threatens her daughter’s safety while Cate struggles to create boundaries with her adult children amidst a move to the Middle East.
Her heart calls, to endure the lows and enjoy the highs. Her spirit whispers, I’ve got this.


The Holding

The Holding is the story of Cate Henderson, who, born six weeks premature, ignites a fierce protectiveness in her father, William. Based on true events, the novel delves into harsh realities and the power of love to overcome them.

The unbreakable bond between Cate and William creates an unshakable resilience that allows Cate to survive sexual abuse in early childhood and again as a teenager. His devotion is the foundation of her strength as she navigates the trials and tribulations of life.

“He didn’t change the world, but he changed mine.”

I love both The Holding and The Healing. These are based on a true story and I appreciate the author sharing her vulnerabilities and identified with several of her experiences.

The books are well written and the cast of characters are genuine and imperfect in that way we all are. It also taught me to reframe some of my memories and let go of old hurts. In many ways this book is a huge from a friend who has a shared experience. 

I enjoyed the companion journal because it helped me think about the books on a deeper level while also providing the space to reflect on my journey. 

⚠️ Trauma, sexual abuse, eating disorder, and depression.

Author Bio

Lynda Faye Schmidt is a storyteller who writes from the heart. Her novels are emotionally impacting and character-driven.

Before becoming a writer, Lynda earned a Bachelor of Education. She taught in a variety of settings, sharing her love of reading, writing and creating.

After her move to the Middle East in 2015, Lynda kicked off her writing career with her blog, Musings of an emotional creature. She was also a contributor for DQ Living magazine.

Since then, Lynda has published two novels as a series, The Healing & The Holding. With a goal to publish a book a year, watch for upcoming projects. The Companion Journal to The Holding & The Healing launches October 23, 2022. The Rogue Scorpion is scheduled for release April 23, 2023.

For more information, log onto her website at

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