BOOK REVIEW - On the Edge of Shattered: A Mother's Experience of Discovering Freedom Through Sobriety by Kimberly Kerns



Book Details:

Book Title:  On The Edge of Shattered: A Mother’s Experience of Discovering Freedom Through Sobriety by Kimberly Kearns
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18+),  252 pages
Genre: Non-Fiction, Memoir, Self-Help
Publisher:  Glass Spider Publishing
Release date:  November  2022
Content Rating:  PG-13 + M: Intended for adults only, contains information on alcoholism   
Book Description:

Before she stopped drinking for good, Kim was lying to herself and everyone she knew about her daily habit—sneaking morning sips of vodka behind her husband’s back, emptying bottles of wine and hiding the evidence from her family, and convincing herself that nothing was wrong and everything was under control. Until she realized that it wasn’t, and that her dishonesty could cost her everything she loved. What would happen to her marriage if things continued in this way? And how could she be a mother to her young children if she remained trapped in this cycle of abuse? Deciding she had to make a change, Kim threw herself into a new life of sobriety seven months into the Covid-19 pandemic. But only after severing the chains of bondage did she realize how much work there was still to do. Opening the doors to buried memories and past traumas was only the beginning. Throughout her journey to sobriety, Kim would come to terms with the secrets and lies told by her parents and loved ones, allowing her a clarity and freedom she never before thought possible.

I received an advance review copy for free and am leaving this review voluntarily. Thank you Kimberly Kerns and iRead Book Tours. I'm excited to be a part of this tour.

On the Edge of Shattered is Kimberly Kearns story of addiction, hiding herself from the world, and shame. This book is told from alternating POVs of then and now and walks the reader through Kimberly’s life story. Beginning with her traumatic childhood moving into her misuse as a teenager, the full-blown addiction as an adult. Told with honesty, this book is a look into how vulnerable we are to addiction and how quickly it can take over our lives without us really realizing the impact.

Kimberly’s story resonates with, not because I drink but because of the deep dive into how pervasive and deeply woven alcoholism is in our culture. I’m the person at the party who felt uncomfortable being the designated driver, I often felt like something was wrong with me versus realizing the barbs came from a place of false security one feels from alcohol. This story also resonates because of the many women I’ve known who have struggled with alcoholism. As I’ve aged, I’m not sure I know very many families who have not been impacted by alcoholism is some way. My own family is no different and many of the things described here I’ve witnessed and done my best to support the person as best I can.

This book is well written and describes a difficult topic with dignity and respect. I commend the author for their bravery in sharing this story and hope others will be inspired by her words. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interesting in an honest and raw account of the impact of alcoholism and the damage it leaves in its wake. 

Overall Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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Meet the Author:

Kimberly Kearns is a wife to an incredible husband and a mother to three beautiful children. She currently lives in Need-ham, Massachusetts. She continues to tell her story of sobriety and inspire others every day on her blog at, and through her Instagram account @asoberandstrongmom. Kimberly co-hosts the podcast The Weekend Sober and is a writer for the Webby Award-winning narrative podcast F*cking Sober: The First 90 Days. Writing has always been an escape for Kimberly, even as a little girl. Being able to express herself in words and getting lost in her imagination has served as a source of comfort to her as far back as she can remember. 

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