BLURB BLITZ - Divorce: Just A Detour To Your Destination by Neco Beasley

Divorce: Just A Detour To Your Destination

by Neco Beasley 

GENRE: Non-Fiction

So many men and women who have gone through divorce feel that life is over for them. It is time to change that narrative. This is a book of resilience and determination that demonstrates that it is absolutely possible to press on and have a happy and successful life and career following the challenges of a painful divorce.

This book accompanied by the workbook are an excellent starting point for any man or woman going through divorce that wish to push through the pain and go on to live a fulfilling and happy life.


Calling all Neighbors

CALLING ALL NEIGHBORS, I decided to contact all the neighbors who lived at the end of our cul-de-sac. I contacted the neighbor next door on our right, the one who lived on the left, the neighbor across the street, and the family who lived next door to the mistress' house. I invited them over one bright, sunny Saturday morning around 11 am to have a little pow-wow. I set out kitchen chairs for each of the five neighbors that attended my little impromptu gathering. I positioned myself in front of the kitchen sink and explained that I had news and they needed to hear it from me to avoid any misunderstanding. 

After explaining the discovery of my husband's affair with our neighbor, two women began crying. One neighbor stated that the mistress had been committing adultery for years. She was known for cheating on her husband. They were upset because they didn't think it was fair that I was the one losing my spouse. They explained that her husband was clueless about his wife's scandalous behavior.

I told them that I was sharing the information because they would no longer see James coming and going from our home. I let them know that we were getting a divorce and that I was moving to Atlanta. 

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a close-knit midwestern city. Ms. Beasley discovered her gift as a stylist at a young age. She would pack her bag of supplies and walk to her family’s home to style their hair. Neco has been a licensed Cosmetologist for twenty-nine years, and a licensed instructor for thirteen. Ms. Beasley founded Star Network, a program that empowers women to be the best version of themselves while experiencing the effects of a divorce. Neco Beasley believes women should not allow detours to stop them from reaching their destination.

Ms. Beasley is blessed with four children and nine grandchildren.

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