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Confessions of a Fangirl
Kirsten S. Blacketer
(Her Confessions, #1)
Publication date: December 7th 2021
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance

Life is good. I have a plush job, supportive friends, and a close-knit family. When the new hottie at the office asks me out on a date, I think I just won the jackpot.

Until movie night with the girls leads me down a dark rabbit hole. Who is he? An innocent Google search about a handsome actor has my imagination spinning. Now I’m drowning, and I don’t want salvation. I want him.

But I already have the perfect man. This obsession might just ruin my life.

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“Why don’t you turn on the TV? I have a movie in for us to watch.” He winks. “I think you’ll enjoy it.”

I narrow my gaze. “Is it inappropriate?”

Shaun’s eyes widen. “What would give you the impression I would dare cross that line? We’ve only known each other for two weeks.”


“Normally I let crazy out of the bottle after the third date, never before then.”

I spin around to face him. “I knew it.”

He doubles over the sink laughing. “Just turn on the TV, Jen.”

When I turn it on, a familiar song comes through the speakers. I grin like an idiot when I see the familiar logo. “Source of Destiny,” I mutter under my breath.

“Good thing you’re a Space Vendetta fan, huh?” He dries his hands and joins me.

My face heats. “Actually, I’m a newbie to the whole thing. We watched it the other weekend for movie night. It was the first time I’d ever heard of the series.”

“Oh, so you had your SVS cherry popped recently, huh?” Shaun sits on the couch next to me and takes the remote from my hand.

“I guess you could say that.” I bite my tongue knowing he doesn’t mean anything by the comment, but it leaves me a bit breathless.

“I guess it’s not your typical movie night choice then.”

“No. One of the guys in the mailroom suggested it when he heard Lily and me discussing ideas in the break room.”

“Lily.” Shaun thinks for a moment. “Oh yes, the classic vintage aficionado.” He nods sagely. “She always looks stunning. It’s a great style on her.”

“Right?” I push away the twist of jealousy. “I envy her style. She looks so put together.”

“You do too.” He grabs my hand and laces his fingers with mine. “It’s what I noticed first about you.”

There goes the damn rollercoaster again. “Really?”

“Yeah.” He squeezes my hand.

I turn my head away to hide the flaming blush I know has consumed my face. My gaze rests on the TV and the logo on the screen.

“Shall we start the movie?”

“Sure.” He presses play and pulls me against him, draping his arm around my shoulder.

We’ve both seen the film before, but within moments we’re both drawn into the story on the screen. My body tenses in anticipation. I know what’s coming, and I brace myself for it.

Captain Korbin Ransom appears on the screen on queue. An ache settles in my chest. Guiltily, I glance at Shaun, who’s entranced by the film. My gaze drifts back to the movie.

This inexplainable gravity draws me into the story. A closeup of the villain’s profile has my heart racing. My fingers dig into Shaun’s thigh. He shifts and pulls me closer.

What the hell is wrong with me? My second date and I’m swooning over a man on the screen when I should be all over the warm, solid man beside me. He made me dinner. Made me feel special. Hell, he made me tiramisu!

As the movie continues, I hold my breath for the moments Korbin Ransom appears in all his leather-clad wonder. The character’s brooding darkness and sexy swagger have me on the edge of my seat. I’m drawn to this villain in ways I can’t comprehend.

I like good men. Honest men. Men who make me dinner and treat me like a queen. But deep in the dark recesses of my mind, my imagination flirts with something I’ve never allowed into the light. I’m aroused and ashamed. I shove these fantasies of a tempting villain aside and focus on enjoying this moment with Shaun, a good man of flesh and blood.

When the credits roll, I slowly shift from beneath his arm and stretch. “That movie gets better every time I see it. I mean, it’s like I catch details I missed before.”

“Yeah, happens to me too.” He stretches his arm out and grabs my wrist, pulling me back against him.

I’m breathless, caught in the haze of his blue eyes. My heart’s racing.

“Jen…am I going too fast for you?” There’s hunger in their depths.

I swallow. “No.”

“If I ever make you uncomfortable, tell me.” A soft smile curves his lips. “I like you.”

“I like you too.” My fingers brush his cheek. I lean in and kiss him.

His soft lips part beneath mine and he pulls me closer. “You can stay tonight if you want,” he whispers between passionate kisses.

“As much as I would love to take you up on that.” I sigh against his lips. “I can’t.”

He nods. “I understand. Sleeping together on a second date feels like we’re going at hyperspeed.”

I chuckle at the Space Vendetta reference. “Yeah, it does.”

“I’ll leave it up to you.” He kisses the tip of my nose. “When you’re ready, let me know.”

Author Bio:

Kirsten Blacketer writes the stories she's dying to read. She likes mystery and intrigue, handsome heroes, sassy heroines, and a chance to break the rules. She lives for sexual tension and loves kissing scenes. There's no way she can write in just one era, so don't be surprised if you see her jumping from medieval Scotland to prohibition on the Mississippi River to late Victorian London then onto contemporary Brooklyn. She follows wherever the muse leads her.

The KSB Guarantee: A Steamy Getaway and Always a HEA!

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