BOOK REVIEW - Man Na by John J. Murray Jr.


A Daily Guide to Becoming the Salt God Intended

Christian Self-Help

Date Published: October 9, 2022

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Man Na is not just another devotional.

Each day, the typical devotional offers a passage, hopes it inspires, and waits for us to return for another dose of motivation. When the next day arrives, God is expected to feed us with more manna once again.

Man Na, on the other hand, has a secret ingredient that not only fills us up, but creates lasting fulfillment.What is its secret?

Salt. Man Na recognizes we are not only called to fill ourselves, but are designed to be salt for others through service, kindness, forgiveness, friendship, humility, gratitude, happiness, and love.

This devotional helps us stop focusing inward and start concentrating on others throughout the day.

By providing readers with God's bread and His desire for us to be salt for others, Man Na offers what other devotionals do not. So, grab your shaker and get ready to become what God intended.


I received an advance review copy for free and am leaving this review voluntarily. Thank you John J. Murray, Jr and RABT Books Tours and PR. I'm excited to be a part of this tour.

I signed up for this book tour because the description for Man Na piqued my curiosity. I am a spiritual person but not necessarily a practicing Christian. Despite this, I learned a lot about the bible scriptures and what it means to live in our world. The books overall message of respect for others and us resonated with me. I think we could use a little more kindness and respect toward one another, especially in uncertain times.

This book is engaging and well written. I was curious the connections that would be made and enjoyed reading the author’s perspective. The authors personalization of the book by explaining the scriptures and how they related to his life is unique and kept me reading. This book also probes us to think and will stick with you long after the last page.

Overall Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

About the Author

John J. Murray Jr. is the award-winning author of Better Than Our Dogs. He leads Bible study groups with members from across the country. After leaving private practice as an attorney, John won the League for Innovation in the Community College Excellence Award as the Paralegal Program Director and law instructor at Alvin Community College. He lives in Texas with his wife, Lana, and their dog, Chloe.


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