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Farm Cove Bliss
E.D. Hackett
Publication date: February 9th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Previously published on Kindle Vella as Farmhouse Bliss.

She’s relearning to trust. He’s healing his heartache. Can two shattered souls piece together a happily ever after?

Crystal Whitman is determined to redefine herself. Pulling double shifts to break free from a cheating ex, the single mom worries her life can’t get any more chaotic until her own mother dies. The city gal returns to her painfully rural hometown in the hopes of flipping her vacant ancestral farmhouse fast, so she never expected her hunky hired hand would make her want to slow down and enjoy the view.

Derek Fischer can’t shake his grief. Twelve years after losing his wife, the devoted dad’s broken heart beats only for his daughter, until a sexy school teacher sparks a different kind of love. But with a dying home improvement business to keep afloat, the contractor fears muddling the line between business and pleasure could only end in financial ruin.

When Crystal hires Derek to fix the old farmhouse, so she can sell it and return to her frenzied life, she moves in for the summer to save some money and give him a hand.

Fighting their growing attraction, she wonders if she’s destined to be alone and he wonders if his wife will ever forgive him for moving on.

When a vivacious blonde sinks her claws into Derek, Crystal relives her ex-husbands betrayal, and may sabotage their growing relationship.

Can Crystal and Derek fix the farmhouse and mend their fractured hearts?

Farm Cove Bliss is a small-town sweet romance. If you like small-town settings, relatable characters, and mid-life love, you’ll fall in love with E.D. Hackett’s Farm Cove Bliss.

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Crystal picked up her paintbrush to touch up the trim but couldn’t reach the top. She felt Derek’s heat behind her before she realized he had moved. His hand grabbed her wrist, and she turned to face him. He was inches from her lips, and she could feel his minty breath on her. Her heart pounded with desire and electric shocks traveled up her legs, making them tremble.

She tried to break free from his grip but instead found herself moving into him. He closed the final gap between them and his lips met hers. Fireworks exploded behind her eyes. His lips were unexpectedly soft, such a contrast from the feel of his rough beard, and Crystal leaned into him for deeper pressure.

Like a film reel, memories of her past flipped through her mind at high speed, and she could barely make out the images. Her mother gardening, her father drinking coffee, the summer she lost her virginity, and the day she graduated from college sped through her mind. Jeremy proposing on the banks of Niagara Falls and the joy and pure delight she felt in that moment, making love that night, and then standing beside him on their wedding day. She saw herself holding Mason with joy and wonder, then fighting, then lipstick, and then the final fight when she threw Jeremy out of the house. Images of isolation and abandonment, losing her mother to a devastating illness, saying goodbye, and stumbling back to this house. The last image was Derek kissing her. The film reel flipped faster through her mind on a continuous loop.

She pushed him away, fear replacing lust. “I can’t do this.”

He stepped back immediately, his lips pressed together and his eyes pleading.

“I live three hours away, Derek. My life is not here, and I’m leaving to go home.”

Author Bio:

E.D Hackett is a Speech-language pathologist by day and a writer by night. She has been writing since the first grade and still has her first book, "How I Lost My Tooth." She has self-published novels that investigate layers of self-expectations, family dynamics, following dreams, and learning how to love and accept yourself. She hopes that her novels create a safe and cozy environment for her readers to fall into and explore.

Her two kids keep her busy, when they aren't hanging out on video games or with their friends. Her husband has encouraged her to follow her dreams, no matter their size.

She lives in New England but in her heart, she feels that she belongs in Ireland. If she could figure out how to move, live, and work over there she would do it in a heartbeat.

She loves to read, write, knit, and cook.

She hopes that you fall in love with her characters the same way she did!

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram

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