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The New Single Dad Billionaire
Tina Gabor
(Bronson Billionaire Romance Series, #5)
Publication date: February 28th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Tyler Bronson’s hot dating app eMingle just went public, but despite his success at finding matches for other people he’s still single.

His on and off relationship with his unstable ex has finally stayed off that is until he finds out he has a son.

Now, he’s not just a new billionaire. He’s a new single dad. And he has no time for love until …

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Tyler POV

She took a step to steady herself and tripped on my foot. I grabbed her before she fell onto the coffee table.
“Whoops!” I said. “Are you okay?”
I had my arms around her to keep her from falling, her shoulder leaned against my chest. She turned toward me and looked up. Her long eyelashes blinking.
“Nice catch,” she said, her voice a sexy whisper. The feeling of one of her tits pushed against me along with that voice and that look made my cock stir.
This girl was effortlessly sexy.
She put her hands on my arms to regain her footing and giggled. “So big. And hard,” she said, running her hands on my biceps.
She was drunk, but damn. This girl was killing me.
“Let’s check out that view,” she said, tottering over to the sliding glass doors.
I stayed close to make sure she didn’t stumble again.
We stepped out onto the balcony, and I slid the glass door shut behind us. She swayed on her feet, and I put my hand on her back to steady her. “Easy, easy.”
She’d only had two glasses of champagne, and she was already tipsy. Cute, but dangerous.
She giggled. “We’re up so high!”
“Have you been to New York before?”
“I’ve barely been anywhere,” she said. “This is amazing.”
I looked down at her as she stared at the New York skyline. She let her head rest against me. A warm summer breeze blew across my face. A giddy feeling shivered through my body. I’d only had one glass of champagne, and I weighed over two hundred pounds. I couldn’t be drunk, could I? Maybe it was the drink and the sugar from the dessert. I rarely ate it.
But I doubted that was the reason. This fluttery feeling in my chest was because of Betty.
I leaned down to kiss the top of her head and stopped myself. This wasn’t a date. This was my nanny.

Author Bio:

Are you like me?

Do you enjoy funny, contemporary romances with spicy love scenes?

Because if you do ...

You've landed in the perfect place.

I'm Tina Gabor, and it’s so much fun getting to write the books I love reading. Gorgeous men and fierce, feisty, and funny women are my jam.

And since there’s nothing like a love story with a dash of sun and fun ...

I set most of my in Southern California and Florida. I grew up in South Florida, and now I live in Southern California with my fiancee and a stray cat we named Fred.

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